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Some wedding gift baskets may contain keepsakes for the couple such as photo boxes, wine glasses, or other small items. Don't limit your choice to selections advertised as wedding gift baskets, though. A large fruit basket, a gourmet basket full of crackers, cheeses, wine, and smoked meats, or a basket of chocolates and wine can all be fantastic selections that the couple will appreciate. Some romantic ideas for wedding gift baskets include a gift basket with all the ingredients 12V portable refrigerator12V portable refrigerator for an Italian dinner for two that the couple could make together, a picnic basket complete with dinnerware and a selection of gourmet treats, or a coffee gift basket full of flavored coffee and baked goods for a romantic honeymoon breakfast.Wedding gift baskets are available in a variety of price ranges, as are most gift baskets. If you plan on giving a cash gift but feel awkward not having a present for the couple as well, a small gift basket can fill that role. For weddings in a distant location that you aren't able to attend, most online retailers can deliver your wedding gift basket. It is a nice way to let the couple know you are thinking of them on their special day, even if you can't be there with them. Gift baskets are also great gifts for anniversaries, as well.A wedding is a special day, and whether you choose a small, tasteful wedding gift basket to accompany a cash gift or a large gourmet selection, your gift is sure to stand out among the toaster ovens, blenders, and silverware.

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